Summer Grazing Mix

Here is a mix that worked well in Cooper County, MO no-till drilled 1" deep during the end of August 2015.  It was really dry here and not much of a chance of rain which is why it was seeded at 1" deep trying to find some moisture.  This was 80 acres seeded to a mix of 11 lbs. Sudangrass, 2 lbs. Radishes, 3 lbs. Crimson Clover, 3 lbs. Pearl Millet, 3 lbs. Cow Peas per acre.  There have been 60 cows and bred heifers grazing on this from the end of September until the end of December.  Next time will probably use a mix of Cereal Rye about 40 lbs./ac and Ryegrass about 10 lbs./ac instead of the Sudex to eliminate the possibility of prussic acid poisoning.  This field will be planted to Corn in 2016.